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20 Years Later, All Grown Up - You Won't Recognize The McCaughey Septuplets

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Bobbi McCaughey and her husband, Kenney, made headlines when she safely delivered the world's first surviving set of septuplets in Des Moines, Iowa.

On November 19, 1997, the McCaugheys welcomed Kenny Jr., Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey, Nathan, Brandon and Joel. The babies weighed between 2.5 pounds and 3.4 pounds and many called them a medical miracle.

Their big sister Mikayla was about 1 year old at the time.

As Bobbi was having difficulty conceiving another child after Mikayla, she and Kenny decided to pursue in vitro fertilization.

The procedure worked so well, that she ended up carrying seven embryos. The religious couple chose to keep them all, saying it was "in God's hands."

After the babies' delivery, their community and many Americans realized how full their hands and their hands would be with eight little ones to raise.

Fortunately for the family, they received several generous donations including a seven bedroom house, a van, a year's worth of Kraft's macaroni and cheese and two year's worth of free diapers.

Good thing they got the diapers - those babies went through 40-a-day!

President Bill Clinton called the family to personally congratulate them after the babies were born and Oprah welcomed them on her show, but now they're all grown up.

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