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Do You Remember The VW Microbus? They're Bringing It Back!

It seems like they just bring everything back now! The iconic 1960s Volkswagen Microbus is coming back but it is pretty different from the original.

Volkswagen is bringing back the classic vehicle with a new design that they are calling a "Microbus for a new era." It is a completely electric vehicle that actually drives itself. Seriously!

This new version is called the I.D. Buzz Concept and is expected to launch by 2020 but they aren't certain if it will go to the public yet. Might have to do with the fact that this car will be able to drive itself!

The car has the I.D. system that is equipped with radar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras that mixes with real-time traffic data that allows the car to safely navigate the road.

There are a lot of cool things about this car. The car can recognize each individual driver by their smart phone and customize the settings (like seat and radio choices) once it connects to them, the steering wheel retracts into the console when it is in the "auto-pilot" mode, and the front seats swivel to the back so while your car is barreling down the highway you can turn around and play monopoly with the kids.

But really, will anything ever compare to the original VW Bus? It was such an iconic vehicle and really no matter how many bells and whistles they put on it, people are still going to want to celebrate the original. I mean, look at it!

It's a work of art!

It was THE car. Everyone wanted one!

They were so bright and colorful!

Not to mention, they were super helpful in solving mysteries!

They got a lot of different looks through the years.

Always such a statement piece!

So, as cool as the new generation's Microbus is, it's pretty clear that with some things, you can't beat the classic!

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