Women Deserve Time Off During Menstruation, Doctor Says

A doctor in the UK has suggested that women who suffer from menstrual cramping should be given paid leave by employers.

According to 1000 women surveyed, 52% of women acknowledged their period pain affects their ability to work. Of that 52% of, practically one third of them had taken a sick day as a result of the pain.

"Menstruation is normal, but some women suffer terribly and they suffer in silence," says Dr. Gedis Grudzinskas. "I don't think women should be shy about it, and companies should be accommodating with leave for women who are struggling with painful periods."

Period pain is all relative to the person and is caused by high levels of prostaglandin. The more that's produced, the more often the womb contracts which causes the pain.

Dr. Grudzinskas says providing menstrual leave would make the work place a happier place. "People forget that women make up half the workforce. If they feel supported, it will be a happy and productive workforce."

Some people love the idea of providing menstrual leave to workers, seeing how it has already positively affected countries like Japan. Others, however, believe it just heightens the stereotype that women are weak and unstable due to their periods.

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