Doctors Issue Warning For This Common Bathroom Habit

Getting waxy build-up in your ears can be one of the most irritating feelings in the world. It's an itch that can only be satisfied by one thing: a cotton swab. The relief of that itch is an incredible feeling of satisfaction.

But doctors have now issued a warning: stop using cotton swabs to clean your ears.

Physicians have cautioned against foreign objects in ears for many reasons over the years, cotton swabs included. The main reason is that cotton swabs actually just push ear wax deeper into your ear. Small pieces of cotton can also break-off in the ear canal and cause damage the delicate tissues in your ear.

The Q-Tip box even warns against using their product to clean ears.

The American Academy of Otolaryngology issued a warning against using cotton swabs in your ears, even citing death as a potential consequence.

"The cotton buds at the end of cotton-tipped applicators may separate, requiring removal as a foreign body. One case report did report fatal otogenic meningitis and brain abscess due to retained cotton swabs."

Now, obviously, meningitis isn't a common side-effect. But that doesn't mean it should be taken lightly.

Wax build-up should be taken care of by a professional physician, either through suction or using forceps.

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