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Doctors Transformed Her Face By Putting Balloons Under Her Skin

Jennifer Hiles was born with a dark red birthmark under her nose. Doctors told her parents that it would fade away eventually, but it never did.

Instead, her whole nose soon became covered in red blotches. Her nose and gums even started to bleed mysteriously.

It turned out Hiles had an arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, blood vessels underneath her skin which could begin to bleed at any moment.

The malformation put Hiles life at risk, and had to be removed. First, her doctors put balloons full of saline under her face, to grow extra, healthy skin that she would need for her procedure.

It wasn't glamorous, but when her operation was complete Hiles was amazed by her face, and you will be too.

Warning: the video below contains footage of surgery, and is not for viewers who are squeamish.

Hiles still plans to have more cosmetic surgery, but she's not at risk of dying anymore.

"When I first saw my face I was so happy," she said, "because it was white and AVM free."

Right now Hiles is preparing for more cosmetic surgery and holding an online fundraiser to help cover the costs of her procedures.

Her hope is that one day "I can walk into a room, and you know, have people see me for me and not just my condition."

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