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Is This Mannequin Actually A Dead Body?

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A bridal shop in Mexico has been the center of controversy and rumors for over 85 years.

The well-known shop, La Popular, made headlines starting in 1930, when a very realistic mannequin appeared in the window. It was so life-like, people came from all over to see. The detailed fingers, the real human hair, it was all so mesmerizing and realistic.

Too realistic.

Visitors started to note the uncanny resemblance to the store owner's daughter, who had recently passed away on her wedding day from a Black Widow spider bite. Pascuala Esparza, the owner, was said to have embalmed her daughter's corpse and used it as a mannequin. Esparza denied the rumors, but it didn't stop people from wondering.

Now, 75 years later, La Pascualita (as the mannequin is known), is still standing at La Popular in Mexico. The debates are still ongoing as to whether she is real, or just really creepy.

Continue reading to see some close up pictures of the mannequin!

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