Dog and Dolphin Kiss, Instantly Win Cutest Couple Award

Dolphins are cute. Dogs are cute. There's just no denying it. But what happens when there's a dog AND a dolphin? Cuteness overload.

Dolphins are extremely sociable creatures. They love to play, jump, and build things. They're one of the only creature besides humans that have exhibited a sense of culture among their species. Dolphins are intelligent and self-aware as well, being able to recognize themselves in their own reflections.

And of course, we all know about dogs. Dogs are everyone's best friend. And they're also down for a good time.

In this clip from the IMAX documentary, DOLPHINS, you see a dolphin breaching at the side of a boat. Then she jumps up to steal a kiss from one of the dogs! I can't even deal. Look how happy she is after their lil' smooch! It's so amazing to see the interaction between two completely separate species.

Check it out!

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