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Hero Dog Saves Owner When A Fire Broke Out In Their Home

When a fire breaks out in a home, most people would run. Che the dog however, stayed with his owner and protected him from the flames. He also is responsible for alerting the neighbors that something was wrong. If the dog hadn't had started barking, who knows how much longer it would have taken for the firefighters to arrive.

"Neighbors stated that it's unusual for him to be barking at that time and that is what woke them. When neighbors looked out the window they saw his house on fire. They are saying that the dog saved everyone!" - Red Paw Emergency Relief Team said of the incident

Che is currently being treated for smoke inhalation and potential pneumonia but is doing much better! He is now able to walk around outside and eat on his own. The dog is being labelled a hero for saving his owner by everyone involved, including the firefighters who have continued to visit him in his recovery.

When the fire was burning, Che laid across his owners chest preventing him from getting any further burns. While the owner remains in critical condition, Che's brave act saved him a lot of injury.

We are so glad Che is recovering well and hope his owner will make a speedy recovery of his own. No doubt the reunion will be a sweet moment for the two!

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