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20 Obedience School Drop-Outs Get Called Out For Their Bad Behavior

Sure we love our pets, but are they 100% perfect? Of course not. They are living creatures and living creatures make mistakes. Because dogs happen to be in our homes they are the ones who get called out for their little mishaps the most. We have to do this because if we don't laugh at the situations we might cry. Dog shaming has been around for quite some time, but it never ceases to entertain. Here are twenty of the best dog shaming pictures we could find so that you can feel a little bit better about your dogs' obedience issues and maybe try to reason out why they did it.

He just wanted to control the pest problem

Biscuit was just trying something new

You always need a snack for later!

But he looks so stylish!

This is just logic.

Maybe the prescription just isn't the right strength?

Maybe they wanted to make sure it was nice and warm?

You have to cool down any way you can when it's that hot out!

I guess that is one way to deal with a bully.

Hey now, cats can be really mean sometimes!

They are just trying to keep you safe!

They are just letting you know they always have your back.

Maybe next time just buy them their own panda costume and save them the effort.

It was a hard day okay...

You should really just be impressed, driving dogs are very rare.

Maybe the cat likes it though.

They are just trying to remind you that love is more than just money.

The ladies love a bad-boy

Could just be allergies...or a genius tactic!

It's called multi-tasking, look it up.

BONUS: Cats aren't much better

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