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Dog Tossed Out With The Trash Is Full Of Love And Kisses After Rescue

When I see stray animals in the winter, my heart aches for them. Where will they sleep? How long have they been without shelter? And will they ever find a home?

Luckily, animals shelters across the country are doing their best to rescue these poor, cold creatures.

When Terri Looby, a volunteer for the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), received a call about a small dog wandering the cold streets of Detroit she went out to find the little pup.

Looby went out on her lunch break to find the dog, but didn't see anything matching the description. Then, she saw something covered in snow.

"There were some boxes, trash bags and a chair sitting at the curb for pickup day," Looby said. "As we passed the trash, I noticed that there was a dog curled up in the tightest little ball possible."

It wasn't a small dog at all, but rather a large pit bull mix. It looked like someone had tossed the poor dog out with the unwanted trash. He was left sitting on the side of the road with the garbage.

"We pulled over to the curb and got out of the car," Looby said. "As soon as the dog heard us, he picked his head up and looked at me. I said, 'Hi baby, it's OK. Come see me.' His tail was wagging, and he jumped off the chair and started limping toward me. He knew he was safe! He jumped in and sat in the back seat. He smelled the chicken patty that I had brought with us. We told him, 'It's OK, go ahead and eat it.' He grabbed that chicken patty so fast."

Looby and her coworker didn't know the dog's name, so they chose to call him Ollie-Loo. As they were leaving the site where they found him, a neighbor ran over to them to ask what was going to happen to the dog.

"I told her who I was — that I was with a no-kill animal rescue called DAWG," Looby said. "She said the owners were kicked out about a week ago, and the landlord kicked the dogs out of the house. She said that the owners did come back for the small dog, but left Ollie-Loo out with the trash."

Based on his visible ribs, it's believed that Ollie-Loo had been left outside for at least two weeks.

Looby took Ollie-Loo to the vet, but he hadn't been micro-chipped. An x-ray revealed that he did have a broken femur, however.

Ollie-Loo will need surgery to fix his femur, but for now he's enjoying warmth, love, and good food at his foster home.

"Ollie-Loo enjoys being with his fosters, whether it is laying on the couch, curled up in bed or just laying in a dog bed that's a little too small for him," Looby said. "Ollie-Loo has been a very sweet, happy, tail-wagging puppy who just wants a family to love him and not toss him out like he is trash."

Ollie-Loo has been nothing but loving since his rescue. He's been full of love and kisses for anyone who will take them!

Once he has recovered from surgery, Ollie-Loo will be up for adoption. I'm guessing there will be no shortage of families willing to help!

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