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Elderly Pup Found On Hillside Was Missing For 10 Years

When Erika Slovikoski took her own dog, Orion, for a walk near Fort Funston in San Francisco, she heard a strange sound of distress that caught her attention.

"I could hear an animal crying from the hillside," Erika told ABC 7 news. She looked over and saw Mooshu, the 12-year-old Pekinese without her collar.

She was trapped on the side of a steep hill, unable to move.


After searching for her owner, Erika brought the little lady to San Francisco Animal Care and Control. They scanned her for a microchip and sure enough, she had one.

"I thought I was returning somebody's dog missing for hours, shocking," said Erika. It turns out, that the Mooshu had actually been missing for 10 years!

"I was blown away. And I thought the only way they knew it was her was the microchip," Slovikoski said. Although Mooshu's owners are out of the country, she will stay with a family friend until they can be reunited.

Watch the interview below - I can't imagine how full of joy I would be after being reunited with my long-lost pup!

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