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Dog Vanished During Burglary, Then Spotted In Canyon Weeks Later With A Broken Back

When Jackie Perdue's home was broken into and ransacked, her two beloved dogs Zoey and Coco disappeared. For more than a month, Perdue searched for her beloved pups without any success - until now.

A surveillance video from a nearby canyon revealed one of her dogs, Zoey, emaciated and dragging her broken body along the ground. The poor girl appeared to be alone, frail, scared and in excruciating pain.

When Jack Mcinerney (the man who placed the cameras) tried to approach her, Zoey pulled away in fear. Perdue descended into the canyon with rescuers and 10News reporter, Hannah Mullins, in search of the injured pup.

Thankfully, when she was found, Zoey immediately recognized Perdue and the two were reunited at last.

Although she's back with her family, Zooey still has a long road to recovery. Her back is broken and she cannot feel her hind legs - she may never walk again. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with Zooey's vet bills, donations can be made here.

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