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Dog Walker Accused Of Not Walking Dogs Caught On Camera

Shelly Scamardo and her husband have two rescue Yorkies that need to be walked throughout the day. Since both of them work full-time, they hired a dog walker to take the pups out for a stroll in the afternoon.

This South Tampa couple trusted the dog walker to do her job and for about 3 months she did it perfectly. There were very few accidents inside and the dogs were content.

Then, about 5 months ago, things changed. The little dogs were having more accidents inside and the couple began to suspect that they were being taken advantage of.

They set up a camera that captured everything. The woman entered the home, signed-off on the dry erase board and the just left the dog's leashes on the counter. She didn't take them outside.

When the couple confronted her about this, she admitted to everything. No charges have been pressed, but the couple want this to be a warning to others  - request activity logs, daily pictures and set up cameras to be sure that the person you've hired does their job.

Do you think they're right?

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