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Dog Who Watched Old Family Come To Adopt New Dog At Shelter Finds Happier Ending

It was a story that broke everyone's heart.

Zuzu, the German Shepherd mix, made headlines when she was found roaming the streets in Los Angeles. She was brought to a shelter where she was being introduced to other dogs, when staff say they saw Zuzu light up like a Christmas tree. They were unsure what was going on, until a group of people approached. As it turns out, these people were Zuzu's old family. She was so happy to see them because she thought she was going home.  But the owners hadn't come to get Zuzu, they had come to adopt another dog to replace her.

People on the Internet were horrified that this family would leave Zuzu at the shelter, only to get another pet. According to the shelter, Zuzu was devastated.

But from the sounds of it, every thing has worked out the way it should. Zuzu is being moved to a no-kill shelter where there have already been HUNDREDS of inquiries to adopt her.

As for the old owners, they left the shelter empty-handed that day. The county also said they can refuse to let them adopt another dog if they are seen as "unsuitable owners."

"It is our goal to see every animal in a forever home where it is wanted and loved," the department said in a statement.

It is our hope that Zuzu finds her forever home and knows the love of a TRUE family!

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