This Artist Created The First Interactive Art Exhibit Just For Pups Who Love To Play

What do dogs love?  Food? Balls? Car-rides with the windows rolled down? If you answered all of the above, but you'd be missing a very important part - their people! Dogs love all of these things mostly because they get to do them with their human family.

More Than teamed up with artist Dominic Wilcox to create the first contemporary doggy art exhibit in London, England. The goal is to encourage people and pets to spend more time together. When we're at work, our pets are alone at home for the better part of 9 hours every day. When we come home, it is easy to flop down on the couch or get distracted by all the social media we missed out on during the day.

But, our pets need some good loving too. In fact, a happy pet is a healthy pet and play is a big part of the equation. This art exhibit is everything that doggy dreams are made of. It has a giant food dish filled with "kibble" balls to jump in, a car window simulator, and dancing water jets to run through - to name just a few.

Check out the pictures and videos below - hopefully they will inspire you to get out and play with your four-legged friend!

'Cruising canines' - a car window simulator - feel the breeze, smell all the smells!

Art prints painted in the dog's color spectrum

'Dinnertime Dreams' - the kibble inspired ball pit

This sure does look like the real thing!

Flying Frisbee for hours!

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