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Get The Tissues Ready! Dogs Who Love Their Humans Is Almost TOO Adorable

Anyone who owns a dog, knows there is a special bond that you and your pet share. A dog is basically a never-ending source of joy and happiness. A Dog's attachment to their human is the most heart-warming thing in the world. Not only know when their favorite person is sad, they also get ridiculously excited for a reunion after a long separation. These dogs love their humans SO much, you should probably get the tissues ready.


Reuniting after two years apart is an emotional event.

Coming home after a long time away is enough to make a grown dog cry like a puppy.

They will travel long distances to find you.

Or follow you if you are sick. This dog chased the ambulance his owner was taken in until they finally let him jump in.

They will curl up in your lap if you let them.

This dog full on tackles her mom after not seeing her for two years.

They will climb you if given the chance.

This Dog knew his owner was sad so he wouldn't give up until he felt better.

They always know where you are.

They will save you from drowning (even if you aren't drowning at all).

They will jump right into your arms.

Sometimes they can't wait until you're awake to love you more. It has to be RIGHT NOW!

Dogs are really such wonderful creatures. If you ever have been lucky enough to have one in your life, you know just how great they really are. Yes, sometimes their enthusiasm is a bit much - especially at 5 in the morning - but it's always worth it. Share your best dog reuniting story in the comments!

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