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17 Dogs Who Are Filled With Un-Bee-lievable Regret

I love dogs.

You love dogs.

We all love dogs.

Know who doesn't love dogs?


Yes, bees. Those little buggers cause a dog's face to swell up. Okay, so maybe the dogs shouldn't have EATEN the bees. But still.

Here are some dogs that are filled with un-bee-lievable regret.


2. "You can mock, Carol. But we all remember those lip injections YOU got."

3. "Hey guys! Wait, what's everyone laughing at? It's not me, right?"

4. "Hello darkness, my old friend."

5. "Well I'm pretty saggy, anyways. Maybe no one will notice."

6. "I got the new Kylie Jenner lip kit."

7. "Would you believe me if I told you it's somehow the cat's fault?"

8. "This is EXACTLY why I didn't want to come camping."

9. "You can photoshop this, right? No one needs to know?"

10. "Ha ha, very funny. You can stop laughing now."

11. "Alright, so maybe I see your point when you tell me not to eat everything I see."

12. "Let me in! The neighbors got their cameras out!"

13. "In my defense, it looked like a candy."

14. "Why is my head bigger than the rest of my body?"

15. "The camera adds 10lbs and eating a bee adds even more than that."

16. "All I did was eat a bee...I don't see how that warrants a vet visit."

17. "Seriously I've had enough of your laughing."

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