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Dogs Who Cuddled Together Constantly Find New Home Together

Meet CC and Chewbacca - Chewbacca's the bigger, furry one, in case you can't tell.

These two pooches have been best pals for as long as they've known each other. They used to live together in a home with a nice family, but when the child developed a dog allergy they were both left with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

In the shelter, these two dogs were inseparable. CC could always be found snuggled up next to his pal Chewy, or using him like a pillow.

Staff at the Rescue League shared photos of this adorable pair on their Facebook page, and people were smitten with this doggy duo right away.

Some people pointed out how much these dogs look like  Max and Duke, the characters from The Secret Life Of Pets.

Whether they were napping together, out for a walk, or riding in the car, CC always found a way to stay close to his big buddy Chewy, and staff hoped both dogs could find a home together.

Thankfully, in October the Rescue League shared the good news on Facebook that CC and Chewy has been adopted as a pair. Their new family already has two dogs and three pigs, so these two will fit right in.

This story proves that no matter how bad things get, you can always depend on your friends to help you get through. These two are an awesome pair of friends, and we're glad they'll get to spend the rest of their lives running around together.

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