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Dogspotting Is The Newest Trend And It's Incredible

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Have you ever seen a dog somewhere in public and just wanted to shout with excitement? Me too. Every day.

That's why when I stumbled upon Dogspotting I knew I had found my people. It's a Facebook page dedicated to people posting pictures of dogs they see in their everyday life. So basically, it's heaven. The page allows users to give "points" to dogs, with bonus points available for floppy ears, good listening, and all around wonder.

We spoke with Reid Paskiewicz, VP of Dogspotting, which has grown into a huge company.

"I started around 2008 with the concept creator John Savoia introduced it in a troll forum I frequented. I was instantly hooked and it became my Lifestyle," Paskiewicz said via email to Shared. "It made perfect sense to me that if you are going to be outside and seeing random dogs all day, you might as well start getting points and sharing great spots with friends for bragging rights and feedback. Also seeing other members Dogspots was exciting and it was great to be part of such a positive community celebrating dogs."

Spotted: bear/dog/cuteness overload. Maverick is the name, and being cute is his game! 🐶

Posted by Lachy Smith on Sunday, August 20, 2017

There are some rules to the page which every member must agree to before joining.

"We have multiple groups that have different sets of rules but all of them have the basics of no spam or unauthorized solicitation, no memes or shared content (original content only), no pressing issues (politics or dog debates), and to Be Excellent To Each Other while interacting in the comments," Paskiewicz says.

The basic ground rules are:

  • Respect the Admins
  • Respect the Rules
  • Respect Others
  • No Service Dogs
  • Respect Privacy
  • No Selfies
  • No 'Famous' Dogs
  • No Non-Dog Posts
  • Dog Parks, Dog Functions, Pet Stores, or anywhere else dogs are expected are off limits
  • No Drama
  • No Memes

The page is rapidly growing, which has allowed the company to develop a Dogspotting app as well.

Steve is out here to steal your girl

Posted by Nadine Astrakhan on Sunday, August 20, 2017

But it's not just the Facebook page where you can see the dogs!

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