Dolls On A Plane - Almost Creepier Than Snakes

Sara Novic just wanted to get on a plane and make it to her destination without any hassle. She was happy to find that the seat next to her at first seemed empty, until a man arrived with an unpleasant surprise. Barbara. Who was Barbara? His doll that he purchased a ticket for who sat next to poor Sara for the entire flight. Lucky for us, Sara live tweeted the unusual experience.

Sara kept us updated on the man responsible for this interesting red eye, including his snack choices.

And then she finally showed us what she was sitting with.

She thought that after her 2 hour layover that maybe she would be free from the awkward experience but no such luck.

She did finally let us in on the doll's name.

She had a new angle but still the same seat partner!

Still better than sitting next to a screaming child though.

She clarified the fact that she wasn't judging the man for his doll, more that he purchased a ticket for it and also the creepy expression on the doll's face. How would you feel if you had to sit next to this doll for an entire flight? Would it bother you or would you just be relieved that you didn't have to make small talk with a stranger?

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