Dolly Parton's Rare Performance Of Her Classic Hit Is Leaving People Stunned

Dolly Parton's classic hit, "Coat of Many Colors" is an undeniable tribute to her beloved mother. Dolly and her family grew up in poverty, but her mother did everything she could to make sure both Dolly and her sister felt special.

After her mother's death in 2003, Dolly Parton struggled to perform "Coat of Many Colors" during her concerts. She would even change the set last minute if she felt she could not make it through without crying on stage.

"When she passed away I could not sing that song for probably three to six months without crying when I was singing it," said Dolly. "Seriously, I could not sing that song without thinking of everything my momma had ever done to make us all feel loved. Every time I sing that song it depends on what kind of place I'm at in my life."

In 2015, Dolly Parton made an appearance on The Voice  and performed "Coat of Many Colors" while playing the guitar. Her performance is so filled with emotion and you can tell just how much she misses her mother.

At 71, the country music legend still has the power to leave us all speechless.

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