Dolphins In The 'World's Worst Bathtub' Just Cry All Day Long

Yet another story about wild animals being taken from their habitats is enraging people all over the world today.

Every year in Japan, hundreds of dolphins and whales are hunted as part of tradition. Most of them get slaughtered for meat, but the 'prettiest' ones are kept and sold to marine parks and other captivity centers around the world.

However, new video shows  the dolphins who survive have it almost as bad as those who don't.

The Taiji Whale Museum in Japan is home to several of the 'rescued' dolphins and keep them in tragically awful conditions.

Several of the dolphins are kept in horrible conditions at the Taiji Whale Museum

The video shows the dolphins swimming in tanks so dirty they're almost black. The water is only about waist deep, and they're way too small to hold even just one dolphin.

One volunteer from The Dolphin Project visited the 'museum' and posted live video of the poor animals.

"One has just been beaching itself on that all day and crying," the volunteer says. "They're just so hungry. And distressed. And bored. There is nothing in this but neglect and cruelty," she adds. "[They're] in basically the world's worst bathtub."

It's so heart-breaking to see beautiful creatures treated like this. Unfortunately, Japan won't do anything to stop it as the revenue from selling the dolphins each year is so great.

However, you can take a pledge to avoid dolphins shows to hopefully bring an end to the demand for the dolphins.

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