Dome Sweet Dome: See This Family's Incredible Arctic House

If you imagine life above the Arctic circle, an igloo might come to mind, or a run-down cabin in the woods, but probably not this family's gorgeous and sustainable modern home.

The six members of the Hjertefølger family  have called this cottage on Sandhornøya island in Norway their home since 2013. Called "The Nature House," this cottage is made of sand, water, and clay. It's also surrounded by a geodesic dome that keeps the family safe during the island's harsh winters.

As you can see, life on Sandhornøya is beautiful, but it's not for the faint of heart. The sun sets there for three months each winter.

The house's garden lets the family grow most of their own food, including apples, grapes, and kiwis.

With five bedrooms and two bathrooms, there's enough space for everyone under the dome.

If you want to see more photos from the Hjertefølger family, mom Ingrid keeps a blog (in Norwegian, of course).

Would you be willing to relocate to a house like this?

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