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Domino's Plans To Start Using Robots To Deliver Pizza

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Be sure to give your pizza delivery boy a nice tip the next time you see him, because he could be out of a job soon.

Domino's Pizza and Ford have unveiled a new self-driving car that they hope will revolutionize the pizza delivery business. Instead of relying on human drivers to deliver their pies, from now on the restaurant chain hopes these robot vehicles will take over their jobs.

Automation is a hot topic lately, especially when it comes to our local grocery stores. More and more of them seem happy to replace their cashiers with self-serve checkout machines, but many customers don't feel comfortable using these devices.

Not only does checking out with a machine take the human element out of shopping, it can also be confusing and frustrating for shoppers who don't use computers. Plus, some say these machines are taking jobs away from humans.

To test if people are willing to accept having their pizza delivered by a car, Domino's plans to introduce their "delivery bots" to the American public in a 6-week test later this month. But prepare for a few speed bumps if you're chosen as part of the test.

It turns out there are still a few kinks in the system...

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