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An Embarrassing Typo Ruined President Trump's Meeting With The British PM

Theresa May will make history today as the first foreign leader to meet with Donald Trump in person since he became president of the United States. But first, she'll have to get over a historic mistake by Trump's press team.

A press release this morning by the president's staff said he would be meeting with Teresa May to discuss lots of different issues at a meeting and a "working luncheon." So what's the problem? Well, the UK's prime minister is Theresa May - that's Theresa with an "h."

Yes, Trump's team managed to spell the prime minister of the UK's name wrong on an official announcement. In fact, they spelled it wrong three times in a row.

A new version of the schedule with May's name spelled correctly was released 20 minutes later, but this was a pretty embarrassing mistake.

To make things worse, there's a pretty big difference between Theresa May and Teresa May. One is the leader of the United Kingdom, the other is a retired fashion model.

Yeah, one letter can make a big difference. Hopefully their meeting today ends better than it started off!

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