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Potato Parcels Are Sp​ud-tacular

Last year, 24-year-old Alex Craig started a personalized potato business in Dallas, Texas. For $8 -$10 USD, you could send any message you like etched into a potato.

He came up with the idea over dinner with his girlfriend, who, like most rational human beings, told him that it was the stupidest idea she'd ever heard. Fortunately for Craig, most human beings also have a sense of humor.


He launched his business on Reddit and by the second day, he had gained $2,000 in orders. Five months later, he sold the business for $40,000 to Riad Bekhit, an entrepreneur from the Bay Area. The company is now based in San Bruno, California and ships internationally.

This past February, Potato Parcel has earned it's highest sales yet - $25,000! Since coming under new management, two new potato message options are available: Potato Pal - a potato with a picture of someone's face, and Potato Postcard (pretty much explains itself).

Potato Parcel ships to anywhere in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. Next time you want to send some inspiring words, consider sending them on a potato. It's a gift they'll never forget!

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