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Don't Take Away Her Wine: 100-Year-Old Woman Has A Message For The Younger Generation [VIDEO]

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Bravo/The Feast

Florence Bearse of Bangor, Maine has seen some shit and all she wants at the end of the day is a decent glass of wine.

While doctors might lecture the younger generation about the dangers of daily drinking, Bearse speaks from 100 years of life experience when she jokingly says, "don't take my wine away."

She celebrated her birthday with balloons, a birthday cake and a delicious glass of red wine. This no-nonsense centenarian says the secret to her long life is drinking wine - red wine to be exact.

She might be on to something too.

Numerous studies on the health benefits of red wine reveal that the antioxidants found in red wine can reduce inflammation, neutralize free radicals and even slow the growth of tumors.

If you're not convinced, Bearse has one more piece of advice for you. Watch her video on the next page...

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