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They Thought She Might Help Bake Cookies, But What She Did Was Amazing

A woman in Copenhagen is gaining a lot of (deserved) attention after a story surfaced about her incredible generosity.

Mændenes Hjem (The Men's Home) posted a wonderful story on their Facebook page recently about an elderly woman who called in asking if she could help. Since it was the holidays, the home was more than happy to accept a small donation from her.

"We can always use some cookies, biscuits or perhaps some nuts now that Christmas is coming," answered the cook. She knew the woman on the phone was elderly and didn't want to put too much pressure on her.

The lady on the phone didn't seem happy with that answer, asking if there wasn't anything bigger the shelter needed.

"Well," the cook continued, "I guess our oven is old and pretty useless, and there isn't really any room in it..."

"DONE!" replied the woman on the phone.

Immediately the cook felt bad. She started to back-track, saying an industrial oven that size is too expensive for one person to pay for.

The woman on the phone would hear none of it. "Don't tell me what I can or cannot afford," she said.

The industrial size oven the woman bought for The Men's Home.

Now, the woman who donated the oven (and her husband) will join the shelter on Christmas Eve to help cook and hand out presents to the nearly 200 people who will be at the shelter this year!

Here is the original Facebook post:

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