Double Trouble: Zoo Doesn't Realize Panda Gives Birth to Twins

Officials at on Austrian zoo were in for a big surprise when they found a second baby panda after mum, Yang Yang, had given birth a week earlier. The panda enclosure is under constant surveillance and suspicions were raised when it sounded like not one, but two young animals squeaking in the background. Finally, both newborns were caught on camera at the same time.

The zoo's director, Dagmar Schratter, said the zoo believes in natural rearing, which is why they simply watched what happened in the breeding box as opposed to going in and helping out. Apparently it's not unusual for Giant Pandas to give birth to twins, but they often choose the strongest of the two babies to nurture. That's why zoo keepers were so shocked. Well, that, and only ever seeing one baby on the screen! Both babies are doing well, and Yang Yang seems to be caring for them both equally.

The way that mama pandas keep their young warm is by putting them between between her big paws. Couple that with the fact baby pandas can be as small as 10cm when they're born, it's no surprise that officials missed this little bundle of joy. It all worked out, though, which is the most important part. The more pandas the better!

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