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Doug The Pug Transforms Into A Disney Princess For A Day And You Need To See It

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Doug the Pug has done it again. After wowing us on Instagram with adorable costume pics and destination pics, the cute doggie has posed as a Disney Princess, and it's pretty much perfection.

If you've never heard of Doug the Pug, he's the "King of Pop Culture" and has over 2 million followers already. He's appeared with celebrities on many occasions, including the set of the CBS sitcom The Big Bag Theory.

Earlier this year, Disney released a new animated movie Moana, which details the adventures of Moana Waialiki of ancient Polynesia. The movie made headlines for using a contest to cast the main character, a beautiful actress from Hawaii. As expected, there's a lot of singing and striking poses by the ocean.


Enter Doug the Pug. In a glamorous video, the superstar pug starred as both Moana and her demigod Maui. He donned a flowing wig, grass skirt, and fish hook necklace, and rocked the island princess look with carefree seaside side-eye. We're loving every bit of it.  

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