'Dragons' Are Real And They Live In The Ocean

Dragons exist, just FYI.

Or I mean, they kinda do.

A tiny sea monster in Australia surfaced and he looks kind of like a Pokemon dragon, honestly. The creature is called Glaucus atlanticus, a type of sea slug. Due to it's coloring and pattern, the slug is referred to as the blue dragon.

Despite their big name, the blue dragon is actually extremely small. The largest one can reach about an inch and a half in length at most. Don't underestimate them though, these blue dragons are highly dangerous. There's an extremely deadly jellyfish called the Portuguese Man O' War, which is extremely venomous. Instead of distancing itself from the creature, the blue dragon EATS THE WHOLE THING.

Not only does it eat the jellyfish, the blue dragon stores the venomous cells in its finger-like appendages. It then uses the venom against predators. IE: don't ever pick one up like this guy did:

There's no official word on what happened to his hand, but we can't imagine it's pleasant.

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