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Dramatic Rescue Of Drowning Lion Cub Caught On Video

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While lions may be the king of the jungle, sometimes they find themselves in compromising situations and in need of a helping hand.

While the 2 year-old cat and its pride were spotted near a village in Gujarat, India, residents tried to scare them off in an effort to protect the locals.

The terrified lioness tried to jump across a well made from a pile of rocks, but lost her footing, and plunging into the 20 foot deep water below.

Four other lions peered down the drop where the young lion fell and eventually gave up on the stranded cub, leaving her to die in the waters.

Locals neared the well and saw that the animal desperately was treading water to avoid her head from going under.

That's when they alerted rescuers who spent 2 hours freeing the cub from the well.

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