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Disney World Is Offering A Major Deal You Won't Want To Miss!

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While it may be the most magical place on Earth, it's also one of the most expensive theme parks in America. Kids across the country beg their parents for a trip to Disneyland, but many today can't afford to pay for an entrance ticket, let alone airfare and lodging once you get there.

Average price of admission for a family of four to visit Disney World Orlando costs about $382. Disney Orlando has four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

A single ticket for one day at one park costs about $115 plus tax. That doesn't include food, souvenirs, parking and any extras. The dollars really do add up and the price tag can be enough to deter many middle-class families from making the trip.

But, Disney has just announced a major sale that could make the Most Magical Place on Earth extra magical for everyone...

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