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Dunkin' Donuts Is Cutting 50% Of Its Menu

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Donut lovers, don't freak out, but one of our favorite coffee chains is seriously scaling back its donut selection and we are heartbroken.

In August the coffee giant was toying with the idea of changing its name.

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They have been considering going from Dunkin' Donuts to just Dunkin', testing out the new branding in some stores.

"While we remain the number one retailer of donuts in the country, as part of our efforts to reinforce that Dunkin' Donuts is a beverage-led brand and coffee leader, we will be testing signage in a few locations that refer to the brand simply as 'Dunkin'," the company told CNBC.

So it should come as no surprise their most recent announcement affects the donuts on their menu.

"We've shrunk the amount of doughnut variety, and we're seeing a lift in those markets instantly," Dunkin' Donuts' U.S. and Canada brand president David Hoffmann told Nations's Restaurant News.

Dunkin Donuts

The decision to reduce the menu size from 30 flavors to 18 was made for the company to streamline its offerings.

From Boston cream, to jelly-filled and chocolate sprinkles, did your favorite ones get the cut?

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