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Dying Teen Convinces Judge To Let Her Freeze Her Body

Cryopreservation sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, but it's real and an available option to people who can afford it.

A dying 14-year-old girl in the UK wished to be cryopreserved after her death, rather than be buried. For months, she researched the process of freezing a human body with the prospect of a future "resurrection."

She was determined to see this through, even though her father opposed the idea. Her divorced parents could not agree: her mother supported her daughter's wish, yet her father initially said no.

His concerns were logical: it's not proven to work, if she is revived 200 years from now, she likely wouldn't find any relatives, she might not remember things and she'd be in a different country - the United States. Plus, she would still be only 14 years old.

"I don't want to be buried underground," she wrote at the end of her note. "I want to have this chance. This is my wish."

But, in the end, his heart won out. He told the judge that he respected his daughter's dying wish.  "This is the last and only thing she has asked from me," he said.

The judge decided to grant the girl's final wish, focusing on his desire to resolve the dispute between the parents and follow-through on the girl's wishes - even though she was too young to write her own legally, binding will.

The girl and her parents chose a basic preservation option that costed about $45,689 USD. The decision was made in October and after she passed, her body was brought to a specialist facility in the U.S. to begin the process of freezing.

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