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Dying Twin Grabs His Sister's Hand During Ultrasound, Stuns Doctors And Mom

When Brittani McIntire and her husband Ian learned that they would be having twins, they were overjoyed! They discovered that they would have a boy and a girl - Mason and Madilyn.

During one of the routine ultrasounds, Doctors had some devastating news for the new parents. Mason had a hole in his heart and an abnormal brain. They wanted to do surgery on his heart, but couldn't perform it because of complications with the little boy's brain.

It seems like Mason could sense what was wrong and did something that amazed the ultrasound technician. As his parents and the doctors watched in disbelief, Mason reached for Madilyn's hand.

Sadly, Maon did not survive, but his family holds on to this cherished memory of their two babies supporting each other. He might not be with them now, but they know that he is watching over them in heaven.

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