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Dying Woman Gets Her Christmas Wish In October

North Carolina seemed to have traveled through time right to December this past weekend. But it was just their way of supporting one of their residents, Michelle Fadel, who has stage 4 cancer in her lungs, brain, and bones. Her dying wish was to have one more Christmas.

"There's a good chance, unless the Lord changes his mind, that I won't make it through Christmas and I love Christmas," Michelle Fadel told ABC News. "I love that everyone is cheery, everyone's together, everything's lit up, everything's pretty and you rarely see grumpy people during Christmas."

The 56-year-old expressed to her neighbors how she would love to enjoy one more Christmas, and they all got together to help.

"It may look a little strange this close to Halloween but we hope it makes her happy and we hope she knows we're thinking about her," said neighbor Tim Hawkins.

"When you've got people who support you like our neighbors are supporting us now and who are putting Christmas decorations up before Halloween, that's pretty special," Fadel said. She spends several nights being pushed up and down the streets of her neighborhood in her wheelchair, taking in all the Christmas sights.

Take a look at the video. It truly is something special to see people come together for a great cause.

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