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You Don't Have To Order That Egg White Omelette - Egg Yolks Aren't As Evil As People Thought!

When you go for brunch you are likely going to see an "egg white omelette" on the menu for those who want to make the 'healthy choice'. Now, for those of us who embrace the entire egg, we have always been told we were being unhealthy but apparently that is not true! All this time, health food enthusiasts have been denying themselves the wonders of flavorful eggs to help reduce their cholesterol, but as it turns out it really doesn't matter.


Nutritionists have been advising people that the yolks of eggs contain a high level of dietary cholesterol that could cause a spike in blood cholesterol which can lead to clogs in the arteries. However, as it turns out, that isn't exactly true.


Scientists have found out that dietary cholesterol has no real impact on the blood cholesterol that people are so afraid of. Just because you eat foods high in cholesterol doesn't mean your body will translate that into your own high cholesterol. There is even evidence that eggs will raise the "good cholesterol" that will lower risks of heart disease.


Egg yolks also contain a good amount of vitamin E, which, everyone could use a little more of. Also, eggs are filled with "carotenoids" which help with eye health and inflammation. Eating the whole egg - yolk and white - helps the carotenoids absorb better in your body because of the perfect ratio of fats to protein. Not only do they absorb better, but they will help you absorb the nutrients from other foods as well.


A different study found that adding eggs to a salad allowed the participants to absorb 9 times the amounts of carotenoids from the eggs as well as all kinds of nutrients from the veggies. If you can absorb more of the nutrients from the veggies you do eat, you won't have to feel as guilty for not eating as many as you should!

As with any nutrition advice, check with your doctor before making any drastic changes, but it's nice to see that you don't have to feel guilty about those scrambled eggs anymore!

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