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My New Hero: Eight-Year-Old Girl Takes A Stand Against "Girl's Clothes"

Have you ever noticed the differences between girl clothes and boy clothes? Daisy Edmonds has. On a recent trip to  the local Tesco Daisy noticed that the girl's shirts had very different messages from the boy's shirts and she was mad. The shirts in the girl's section had "hey" and "beautiful" written on them, where the boys shirts said "think outside the box" and "adventure awaits". Daisy's reaction is complete perfection as she explains to her mom how unfair it is.

The eloquent and intelligent girl expresses her anger and disappointment so well, trying to figure out why they even separate the clothes.

It's unfair because everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous." Daisy Edmonds

She is this little hero for feminism and she is only eight! In the world's most adorable rebellion, Daisy decides that she is going to give girls some new options. With her mom, she grabs some of the boy's shirts and hides them around the girl's section, with the biggest smile on her face.

Check out this amazing kid's video below, and next time you are in a store maybe rearrange some kid's clothes in her honor.

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