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Eight-Year-Old Boy Gains 22 lbs To Save His Father's Life

Our children are our most precious gifts to the world and it is every parent's hope that they will grow to become happy and healthy individuals. They rely so much on us to guide and care for them as they grow up and learn to navigate this complex world.

But, sometimes, whether by design or circumstance, we find ourselves relying on them.

After months of searching for a perfect bone marrow match, a father was given just six months to live. His son, eight-year-old Cao Yinpeng, saved his life by gaining 22 lbs in two months.

The young boy needed to put on the pounds in order to meet the minimum donor weight requirement of 99 lbs. Although donors in China should be between 18 and 45, an exception can be made for family members. When they discovered that Yinpeng was a match, he didn't hesitate.

Yinpeng says said he wanted to "give his father a life, just as his father had done for him."

According to Straits Times, the young boy and his family came up with a weight gain plan that included a brisk walk every evening, since he had to avoid strenuous exercise.

Cao Yinpeng gained the weight and was able to produce enough blood for the bone marrow transplant. The transplant was a success and the young boy is now learning how to cook healthy meals for his father.

This is the perfect example of how the love of a child for their parent can overcome any obstacle, even cancer.

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