Elderly Couple Were Sold A Lemon, So They Came Up With The Perfect Revenge

Trevor and Ann Heley from Fixby, England thought they had bought their dream car when they took a new Range Rover Evoque home from their local dealership. Instead, the car turned out to be a nightmare.

The elderly couple payed £44,400 ($54,889) for the Evoque, which is advertised as a cutting-edge vehicle with lots of awards. They say the car turned out to be a lemon, and they've paid for lots of expensive repairs over the past two years.

The car's tailgate, nearly every part of the brakes and even its fancy computer system have all needed repairs. To make things worse, the couple say the dealership hasn't been fair with them and broke their promises. With nothing else to do, the Heleys took drastic measures to show they're fed up with the car.

Manchester Evening News

Now anyone driving alongside the Heleys will see the sticker they've slapped on both sides of their car:

"Range Rover Evoque - this is the worst car purchase I have ever made. Be Warned!"

While this is a pretty delightful way to get revenge on the dealership, the couple wish they didn't have to do it.

"We feel embarrassed about admitting we own a vehicle that we are so dissatisfied with," Trevor told Metro.

Along with all of the faulty parts, there are a number of other problems with the Evoque.

The rear camera doesn't work when it rains (it rains a lot in England) and the surround system camera doesn't work in the dark (which is every night).

Even the car's handbrake is a pain because it uses a complicated electric system.

“They want us to just grin and bear owning a vehicle that, we feel, is not of satisfactory quality, is not fit for purpose nor is as described," Trevor said.

In a statement the dealership said they still hope to resolve the situation with the Heleys, but that seems pretty unlikely. The couple say they plan to sell the car on eBay for a "reasonable price."

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