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Elderly Woman Calls These EMTs "Angels" After They Pulled Up Beside Her Home At The Perfect Moment

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Dashlin James from Waco, Texas got a nasty surprise last month when he stepped out of his home and saw a big, green ambulance parked in front of his neighbor's home. Margaret Durham has been living next door to him for 15 years and she's very independent, but she's also 98-years old.

It's been a warm summer in the South this year, with temperatures regularly topping 115 degrees, and James worried the heat had affected his neighbor. Pets aren't the only ones who are put at risk as temperatures start to rise.

As it turned out, Durham had been outside mowing her lawn that day when the EMT crew stopped in front of her house. They had passed by the street multiple times, so something must have drawn them back to Durham.

Kent Haney, one of the EMTs inside the ambulance, said he saw that Durham "was on a dangerous slope of the yard, possibly could fall and lose control of the lawn mower and injure herself.” Without a moment's hesitation the 3 heroes pulled over and did something their community will never forget.

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