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Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley Performed Together, And It's Every Bit As Great As You Think It Would Be


Is there really a bigger star than Elvis Presley? There is no question that the man is an icon. His voice, his look, his dance moves and pretty much everything memory about him is loved and treasured.

To celebrate Elvis' honorable discharge from the army, the legendary crooner, Frank Sinatra, hosted a special episode of his variety show. The show would star Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, Nancy Sinatra and the one and only Elvis Presley in his first post-army television special.

Could you imagine getting an invitation to that party? Frank Sinatra and Elvis did such an amazing duet together! They did a mash up of Love Me Tender and Witchcraft. It's quite remarkable to watch the two goof around together!

Seeing the two in their fancy suits on the black and white TV show is really something!

You can really see how Elvis had such a huge following!

Watching the two legends sharing the screen is pretty amazing!

Check it out for yourself! Their voices sound great together and it really looks like they are having a lot of fun.

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