Get Ready For The Emmy Awards With These Memorable Moments

The 2016 Emmy Awards are going to take place on Sunday September 18th, so we thought we would take a look back at some of the memorable moments from the past. Back in January of 1945 the first Emmy Awards were held but they looked a lot different than the do now. It has changed a lot over the years, with television and original programming constantly changing. Whether it was the invention of cable channels or more recently online web series, the Emmys seem to be evolving. But one thing never changes, the star-studded event has the potential to be very memorable. Here are a few of the most notable from some of the recent years.


Lead Actress Beauty Pagent

All the lead actresses nominated for an Emmy agreed to Amy Poehler's idea of turning their category into a full on beauty pageant. The funny woman joined together on stage, holding hands and celebrated together when Melissa McCarthy won.


Jimmy Fallon's Glee sketch

Back in the hey-day of glee, Jimmy Fallon embraced a musical opening number with a star-studden cast including Tina Fey, John Hamm, Jane Lynch, Leah Michelle, Jane Lynch, Joel McHale and more as they sang and danced and were even slushied.


The Office Skit

This skit has a bunch of television characters from different shows all joining together in The Office, with their own talking heads and awkward camera glances.


The Lonely Island Medley

The Lonely Island's songs are pretty fantastic, and even more awesome when filled with stars like Michael Bolton, Maya Rudoloph, John Stamos and Ed Helms.

Stephen Colbert tells it like it is

Stephen Colbert is unhappy with the way the world is going, mostly in regards to reality TV and it is super hilarious to watch Jon Stewart try to justify it.


Conan sets up some consequences

Conan O'Brien takes timeliness very seriously. The Emmys notoriously run long, so Conan sticks Bob Newhart into a container with only 3 hours worth of air. Better keep those speeches short people! Interesting to note that this actually worked, the show ended right on time!  

Bonus Vintage Moment! Lucille Ball forgot her glasses

This precious comedic hero was amazing. She forgot her glasses and makes everyone laugh as she frantically tries to figure out which paper she is supposed to read.


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