Your Toast Could Start Telling You The Weather

Mornings are like paper cuts on your knuckles. They suck and there's really no way to make them go away. But now there's a way to make them just a tiny bit less awful. A group in Brooklyn, NY has designed a smart toaster that uses Bluetooth technology to print images, text, and your own designs onto otherwise boring (but tasty) bread. Toasteroid basically makes your lame piece of bread a work of art. Just look at all the things it can do!

Weather forecast? Done.

Doodling? Done.

Reminding you that life goes on regardless of how cool your toast is? Done.

It also controls the toasting level so your toast is just how you like it. Because if there's one thing that's worse than mornings, it's burnt toast in the morning. The toaster also looks pretty cool, too. Not clunky or weirdly colored, it will fit in with pretty much every kitchen design.


Toasteroid is currently being funded on Kickstarter and is at almost 20% of their goal in just about 2 weeks! Who knows, maybe toast messaging will take over text messaging? Could we potentially see marriage proposals spelled out on 12 grain? Time will tell.

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