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Jealous Weiner Dog In Denial Of His New Dad, Photobombs Their Engagement Shots

Megan Determan and Chris Kluthe love their Dachshund, Louie. So, when they got engaged, it only made sense to include their sweet fur baby in the photos.

They decided to take the pictures outside in the park, surrounded by trees with the sun shining through the brightly colored leaves.

It was going to be magical, but they didn't count on one thing: just how much Louie loved the leaves and the spotlight!

This funny, floppy-eared Dachshund is definitely ready for his close-up. Apparently, it's not an uncommon thing. Loui is a little jealous of all the attention Chris gets from Megan, so he tends to show off a bit.

"I was hoping for a fun photo of Louie playing in the foreground of the photo with the couple looking at him, but Louie launched himself right in front of the camera totally blocking Chris out of the photo." Writes photographer Karin Berdal, "Turns out this isn't the first time Louie has photobombed Chris, and Megan is starting to suspect a little bit of jealousy."


Look at those magnificent ears!


Oh yah, definitely jealous.

He's full-on blocked Chris right out of the shot.

Much better!

Did your dog get jealous when a new man came into your life? Does your pet love your partner more than you? Let us know in the comments below!

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