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Ever Wondered Why Your Chocolate Turns White?

Nothing spoils a tasty treat faster than unwrapping the chocolate bar you've been waiting all day to unwrap and finding weird, white crystals all over the surface.

What is this? Does chocolate go bad that quickly, or are you doing something wrong? It turns out this is completely normal, and your chocolate is still edible - yay!

This reaction is called a sugar bloom, and if it grosses you out it's easy to prevent.

We promise sugar bloom is not as scary as it looks. Your chocolate's packaging keeps moisture away from the bar, but if it manages to sneak in, the sugar will drink it up and make these crystals.

If you can't stand eating chocolate once it's bloomed, keep it somewhere moisture free, with a even temperature.

Another cousin of the sugar bloom is the fat bloom, and this one is actually worth worrying about.

Fat bloom happens when your chocolate changes temperature, or if the filling inside upsets the chemical balance of the bar.

Like sugar bloom it's safe to eat, but it's also a sign that you're buying cheap, poorly made chocolate. So if you see fat bloom, treat yourself to something fancier, you deserve it!

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