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Everyone Lost Their Minds On The Price Is Right When 3 Contestants Did The Unthinkable

It's official. We are living in the Twilight Zone.

Price is Right fans lost their minds this morning when not one, but THREE people spun a dollar on the Big Wheel during the Showcase Showdown.

Cathryn was the first to spin $1 and the first to lose her mind:

Then Manfred gave it a roll and then unbelievably did the same thing!

Jessica was the last to spin and amazingly made $1 too!

If it isn't strange enough, all three players rolled different numbers that amounted to $1!

Uproxx reports that each player received $1,000 and a bonus spin to decide who would advance. Manfred got the advance, where he went on to win a cruise and a car in the final Showcase.

See the incredible spins below!

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