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Everyone Needs To Leave Kanye West Alone

In a shocking turn of events, Kanye West was admitted to the hospital on Monday night for what is believed to be some sort of psychiatric meltdown.

This comes after a series of erratic events, including a pro-Trump confession, a 10 minute concert, and a cancellation of ALL his tour dates. It also comes after his wife, Kim Kardashian West, was robbed at gunpoint not too long ago.

At 1:20pm on November 21st, a call was made to emergency services requesting backup at Kanye West's home. The call was made by his trainer, who noticed Kanye was acting 'erratically.'

Paramedics arrived at the home, where Kanye was resistant to medical help. He was deemed medically stable but transported to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. He was handcuffed to the gurney while in the ambulance, which is standard protocol.

There has been no official statement released on Kanye's health, but I think it's safe to say that this is a personal issue that doesn't deserve ridicule.

It's so easy for us to judge a celebrity's lifestyle, but when it comes to issues of mental health it's important to remember that they are just people.

Your stances on Kanye West's music, opinions, and lifestyle choices are irrelevant when it comes to his well-being.

We hope that Kanye gets the help he needs so he can get back to his family and live a healthy life.

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