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Everyone Thought Edward The Baby Pug Was 'Damaged Goods,' But These People Saw A Diamond In The Rough

Edward was just a sweet baby pug that wanted nothing more than to be nursed and snuggled by his mama. He looked like his brothers and sisters, except for one important difference - he was missing a leg.

Breeders passed him off as damaged goods, but The Pug Rescue and Adoption Center in Victoria, Australia took one look at that sweet face and knew that there was something they could do for him!

This handsome fella was among one of the first dogs in Australia to receive a prosthetic limb, but it took quite a bit of training before he could use it comfortably.

The lovely people at Dogs in Motion rehabilitation center worked with Ortho Pets to create a special leg just for Edward.

It took a lot of trial and error before they found the perfect prosthetic for the plucky pug, but Edward adapted like a champ! They discovered that by attaching an elastic band to his harness, he was able to learn how to walk with his new leg!

Soon enough, sweet Eddie was walking and running with the rest of the pack! Now he is the 'spokes pup' for a Victoria State Government welfare fund that protects and helps other animals in need. The fund of $1.6 million is funded from money collected from penalties, fines and seizures of illegal puppy mill farms.

Look at him go!

[h/t DogHeirs / Pet Rescue & Adoption Victoria Inc.]

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